Prototyping is a fantastic way to evaluate design concepts, verify and visualise concepts. By making physical parts early in the development process it is possible to test functionality and user appeal, get valuable feedback and avoid costy mistakes.

For 27 years we have been into RP. Five years after the presentation of the worlds first rapid prototype machine, we carried out our first project using rapid prototyping. In 2007 we got our first inhouse 3D printer.

In our 3D lab we have several printers which enables us to make prototypes in a variety of materials and finishes.

Data-modelling and 3D-printing makes it possible to explore more solutions, reduce risk and secure quality ahead of costy tool making and production.

For a quote we will need 

- a step-CAD-file of the model, 

- a short description of usage and 

- a pdf drawing showing the main dimensions of the desired, eventually scaled down model.

Our materials:

BioPluss, our new material based solely on plant material, with high strength, a bit flex and good finish

PLA, a rigid, lower priced bio-plast-material

Copolyester, known for high strength and good finish

ABS, a former standard material

TPE, a semiflexible material with high strength and finish

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